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Our professional team will conduct an analysis of your Airport looking at everything from aircraft manoeuvre paths, landing and take off taxiing directions, the soil type, as well as drainage,  elevation differences, wind regime and weather patterns in your area to provide you with the most comprehensive solution for your needs.

FOD Barrier Installation Based on this analysis the blocking mechanism is then placed strategically on your runway shoulders creating a barrier between the paved track and the unpaved areas in key locations. 

FOD Prevention Program We conduct an analysis of your existing procedures and create a program that goes beyond just blocking existing FOD but also reducing the amount of potential FOD. We train airport staff for FOD awareness and consult on the right FOD detection and cleaning equipment. 

Construction FOD Isolation As we all know, one of the biggest contributors to FOD come from the construction areas necessary for ongoing airport maintenance of runways and taxiways. We can help create and implement isolation strategies so regular procedural maintenance and other on site construction upgrades no longer become hot spots for FOD hazards. 


We also provide Maintenance and Cleaning and FOD Scans to remove hazards from runway and taxiway areas.

foreign object debris trapped on Airvrix FOD Barrier
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