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The FOD Barrier™ can significantly decrease the number of foreign objects that enter the runway. The blocking mechanism is placed on your runway shoulders creating a barrier between the paved track and the unpaved areas of the runway. Air Force statistic shows a reduction of 80% in FOD cases in the Nevatim IAF base. As a result, the safety level and the operational availability of aircraft increased.

F.O.D is a common problem in the aviation industry, yet all of the efforts are invested in detection and removal technologies - we focus on FOD prevention! Our product is placed on the runway shoulders preventing jet-blast, gusts of wind, and drainage from placing hazards on the runway. The FOD Barrier is based on technology developed in-house and has globally registered patents

Results Show an 80% decrease in damages and a 23% increase in aircraft availability. The FOD Barrier™ went through a diligent process of vetting the product. After learning the design and materials, as well as testing our prototype, we developed a product that is effective and seamless with the base's routine operation.     


Integrated Drainage 

All Weather Resistance

Jet-Blast Resistance

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